FN 22 Pump Action


Patent Description

To all whom it may concern:  Be it known that I, John M. BROWNING, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of the city of Ogden, county of Weber, and State of Utah, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Firearms, of which the following is a specification. My invention relates to an improvement in repeating firearms and an object thereof is the provision of a firearm provided with a combined sliding magazine and action slide which may be removed from the receiver of the firearm without removing the handle of the magazine. Another object of the invention is the provision of an unbroken guide way for the head of a cartridge, from the time the cartridge leaves the magazine until it is in place in the chamber of the firearm. A. further object of the invention is the provision of a combined slide and trigger. Rock whereby the trigger is moved into position to engage with the notch in the hammer and hold the hammer in cocked position, whether finger pressure on the trigger is exerted or not, said trigger being locked in such position from the time the hammer’ has reached the limit of its rearward movement until the action slide has been forced forward to the firing position, when the trigger is unlocked and the action slide locked in its full forward position.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a carrier pivoted at its front end, the front end of the carrier functioning as a, cartridge stop and the rear end, in the operation of transferring the cartridge from the magazine to the chamber of the firearm, bearing on the cartridge directly beneath the head of the same. A still further .object of the invention is the provision of a spring mounted on the trigger pivot one arm of which spring functions as a trigger spring and the other as a safety spring, and the provision of means for preventing lateral movement of the spring. A further object of the invention is the provision of an improved assembling screw for holding the rear end of the trigger plate in the receiver, which screw has been provided with means cooperating with a hammer slot in the trigger plate whereby in taking down the firearm the assembling screw may not be accidentally removed.

Further objects of the invention will be pointed out in connection with the following detailed description. In the accompanying drawings wherein have illustrated an embodiment of my invention, Fig. 1 shows in elevation a repeating firearm in which my invention is incorporated; Fig. 2 is a sectional elevational view through the firearm of Fig. 1 showing the positions assumed by the action of the firearm immediately upon the discharge of the same; Fig. 3 is a sectional elevational view, similar to Fig. 2, showing the action slide and hammer in their extreme rearward position, the trigger of the firearm locked, and a cartridge on its way to the chamber ; Fig. 4 is a sectional elevational view, similar to Fig. 2, showing the action slide advanced towards its forward position, the hammer ‘still being at the extreme of its rearward movement, the trigger locked and a cartridge raised to a position in the breech block whereby it will enter the chamber of the firearm as the action slide and magazine ate moved to their extreme forward position.

Fig. 5 shows in sectional elevation the positions assumed by the various parts of the firearm when the same is ready to be dis 8 charged, the action slide in this view being shown in locked position and the trigger unlocked; and the hammer at full cock; .Fig. 6 is a view taken on the line 66 of 5, Fig. 7 is a part sectional view showing the breechblock moved out of the ejecting opening in the receiver ; Figs. 8 and 9 are views in perspective of 9 a portion of the action slide and the breechblock respectively; and Fig. 10 is a section taken on the line 1040 of Fig. 5. Referring to the drawings in detail, 1 designates the barrel of a firearm, 2 a receiver carried thereby and 3 and 4 a sliding magazine and action slide respectively, fastened rigidly together and carried beneath the barrel 1 and held in place in the receiver 2. 5 designates a handle secured to. the magazine 3 whereby the latter, together with the action slide 4 may be reciprocated for the purposes hereinafter set forth.